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Ruby Smallbone’s ‘Liquid Pants’.



We don’t know what horrifies us most here: the fact that these are “wet look” shants (WHY? Were shants not ugly enough for some people?), the hideous draw-string waist that help make them look like someone just hurriedly tied a couple of rubbish bags around their waist and called them “pants”, or the fact that they’re sold out in sizes small and medium already.

No, wait: it’s the fact that they’re wet-look shants. The waist doesn’t help, though, it has to be said, and the fact that there are apparently people buying them is quite frankly alarming.

What’s even more alarming about all of this? That those people are paying £161/ $223 for them. Just…wow.

If that sounds reasonable to you, and you want to buy them too, you can get them at My Catwalk. If you need to see a photo of a model’s butt in them before making up your mind, however, you’ll find that under the jump. You are welcome.


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