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Royal Wedding: Are you desperate to steal Kate Middleton’s style?

So, it’s the Royal Wedding next Friday. While the Fashion Police are viewing the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton purely as an opportunity for a day off, however, if the many, many fashion PRs who communicate with us every day are to be believed (And just to be clear: they’re not), the rest of the country – and perhaps the world – view Kate Middleton as the greatest! style icon! ever! and are just desperate to “steal her style”.


If this is true, then colour us amazed. Don’t get us wrong: we like Kate. She’s a beautiful girl, and she seems like a nice person, from what we can gather, anyway. But a style icon? No. While she’s unfailingly elegant, as befits someone who’s about to become a member of the Royal family, we can’t help finding Ms Middleton’s style a little… dull.  (And this is distinct from the kind of “safe” dressing that made Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O icons. You could call that kind of timeless elegance “boring”, but we’d beg to differ: it’s not that we think everyone has to be “edgy” – heaven forbid! It’s just that we’ve never really looked at Kate Middleton and thought, “Must have that dress NOW!”)

Of course, we should probably add here that we don’t blame Kate herself for any of this. Adventurous dressing and being married to the future king don’t really go hand in hand, after all, and just because she’s marrying a prince, it doesn’t necessarily follow that Kate is remotely interested in fashion – or that she should be. Our surprise isn’t that Kate dresses the way she does, because she always seems appropriate for the occasion/her position: it’s that the fashion industry seems to want us to regard her as the next great fashion icon.

Interested in fashion or not, she is about to become one of the most photographed women in the world, and the media are already declaring her to be the best dressed woman of the decade, while trying desperately to convince us that you all want to dress exactly like her. Do you? We’ve put together a little Kate Middleton gallery to help you decide…

(P.S. We’d love it if this discussion could remain free of any weight-related attacks or body snarking: remember, criticise clothes, not people!)

[All images: Fame]
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