Royal Fashion Rules: 5 Fashion Guidelines Meghan Markle Has To Follow

As you all know, American actress Meghan Markle recently married Prince Harry and officially became the Duchess of Sussex. While being part of the Royal Family is something that millions dream of, it does come with some stipulations. Now that Meghan has become a Royal, there are a certain set of guidelines she has to follow. Many of these stipulations involve her fashion choices! As the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has to adhere to a set of certain “Royal Fashion Rules” – some of which make sense, and some of which are totally bizarre! We’re breaking down five Royal Fashion Rules that Meghan Markle now has to follow…

Short Hemlines Are a No-Go

That’s right – no more mini-skirts for Meghan. As part of the Royal Family, Meghan can no longer wear skirts or dresses with short hemlines. The shortest she can go is 1 to 2 inches above the knee. Anything shorter than that would be considered absolutely scandalous!

No Bare Legs

What is it with the Royal Family and showing your legs? Aside from the “no short hemlines” rule, Meghan must also wear tights anytime she wears a dress or skirt that shows her legs. Bare legs are considered informal and disrespectful. Who knew?

royal fashion rules

Wedges Are Forbidden

We can’t really argue with this one. Wedge-style shoes are totally and completely forbidden. Why exactly? Apparently the Queen absolutely¬†hates¬†them! Flats and short heels are the preferred shoe of choice for women in the Royal Family and we’re totally okay with that.

Neutral Nail Polish Only

One might argue whether or not nail polish really constitutes “fashion,” but we’re going to say it does. Your nail polish color can make or break your outfit as far as we’re concerned! Now that Meghan is in the Royal Family, she’s not allowed to wear bold nail polish colors. She can only wear light, neutral colors. How strange…

royal fashion rules

Mourning Clothes Must Always Be On-Hand

This is perhaps the weirdest of all the Royal Fashion Rules that Meghan has to follow. As a member of the Royal Family, one must always have an all-black outfit on hand. Anytime she travels or leaves home, Meghan must have proper “mourning clothes” on her. This is incase of an impromptu funeral, we’re guessing?

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