Roundup | Heart-print on the high-street

Primark heart-print dress

Heart-print dress: £8, Primark

Thanks largely to Burberry Prorsum, whose autumn/winter collection this year included a whole lotta hearts, heart-print is BIG right now. We’re pretty happy about this, we must admit: hear-print is basically the slightly cuter cousin of the polka dot – it’s fun, it’s sweet, and it comes in so many different forms that it would probably be difficult not to find at least something we liked.

On the flip-side, this print is super-sweet and super-girlie,and for some people it’ll be SO sweet it’ll give them a toothache just to look at it. Keep it small, and stick it on a classic, button-down shirt and it won’t be too hard to wear, but put large hearts on a baby-doll style dress, say, and you could well find yourself veering into Dress Like a Toddler territory. Our best advice is to keep things “grown up” with simple shapes and un-fussy accessories – or even none at all: this is a print that really speaks for itself.

Of course, not everyone can afford Burberry’s prices, so if you heart heart-print (so to speak), you’ll be pleased to know the high street has fully embraced the trend, with a wide range of heart-print pieces at much more affordable price points. Here are just a few of them…

GALLERY | Heart-print on the high-street

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