Roger Vivier’s £30,000 shoes: worth the money?

Roger vivier £30000 shoes

  Got a spare £30,000 ($42,459) lying around doing nothing, readers? No, us neither. But let's just imagine we have, shall we? Here's something to spend that imaginary cash on, and no, it's not a fancy car or a hefty deposit on a house – it's a pair of Roger Vivier shoes!

Designed by Bruno Frisoni and unveiled at Paris Couture Week, we're going to assume these probably won't be seen on the feet of mere mortals (although they possibly will be seen on the feet of Victoria Beckham at some point). To help justify the price(or maybe not, actually), they're made from 24 ct gold-coated mesh, with silk, satin ribbon, jet and semi-precious stones. What worries us a whole lot more than that, however, is the fact that they're topped with "taxidermy birds" which have gold and crystal heads.

That seriously creeps us out, but if you're fine with it, these can be made to order, although you should expect to wait a few months for delivery. What do you think?

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