New York Fashion Week: Rodarte pair spikey shoes with delicate tights = mistake


Now, we could have told Rodarte that this would happen if they tried to pair those tights with shoes with spikes all over them! Now see what’s happened – ripped tights!

OK, so we jest: these tights aren’t so much ripped as they are, um, cobwebby, and they’re supposed to look like that. Echoes of the Alexander Wang show, where the models really were wearing sheer, ripped tights, anyone? We think it’s a horribly messy look, but hey, wouldya look at those shoes! Talk about "killer heels" – these look like they’d do some serious damage, and not just to the person wearing them, either. The shoe on the right of the picture has us totally mesmerized: it’s wonderfully sexy, but lookit the angle of the foot! Still, the catwalk is not a place for practicality, is it? (And if you don’t believe us, just look at our last Fashion Week Roundup…)


  • June 7, 2008


    I think that it works really well, it contrasts to the dress giving the look some attitude.

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  • June 11, 2008


    UHm… I think the left white&black shoe is rather nice. But no comment on the other 2. The left shoe kinda bring out the color of the shoe (black) while standing out.

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  • November 1, 2008


    If I were rich i would own this look in every color.

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