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Style Trial: River Island denim cut out stud sleeveless shirt dress

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Denim dresses are one of those items which can divide opinion. We know some women who love them, and describe them as wardrobe staples which can never go out of style, but then again, we know OTHER women who think they’re the tackiest thing since Britney’s Vegas wedding, and who wouldn’t be seen dead in one. Indeed, there are those who take the stance that denim should really only ever be used on jeans, which rules out, not just denim dresses, but also denim skirts and jackets. Hardcore!

Speaking of Britney: this River Island denim stud dress looks to us a lot like something she might wear, and for that reason alone, we think it’s probably going to be a lot less controversial than some denim dresses we could have shown you. It’s appearance on the River Island website (as opposed to on, say, some kind of Western-wear website), combined with the fact that it’s already sold out in some sizes, however, is a sign that this dress is possibly going down better with shoppers than we might have imagined, so we’ll put it up On Trial and let you decide.

Is this dress a crime of fashion? What about denim dresses in general? Tell us!

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