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Style on Trial: Ripped jeans

Ripped_jeansThere was a time when ripped jeans were seen on just about every second person. That time was called “the 80s”. And, OK, a good part of the 90s, too. Actually, to be fair, ripped jeans have never really disappeared from the fashion radar, but as we policed the web this week, we noticed more of them than usual in stock at our usual retail haunts, which made us wonder: what do you think of them?

The ripped black skinnies in the picture above are £45 from Topshop while the blue boyfriend jeans are $215 and by What Comes Around Goes Around. Personally, if we were going to wear this look, we don’t think we’d pay for a pair of pre-ripped jeans, because we think ripped jeans look better when they happen naturally, to a soft, worn old pair of faded Levi’s, say, than they do when someone has clearly spent a lot of time creating that “I’ve had these forever” look. Not to mention the fact that it’s just way cheaper to rip your own than to buy someone else’s, no?

We also think the look is better on the jeans on the right of the picture than the ones on the left, which have been more shredded than ripped, and look a little (OK, a lot) too contrived for our tastes.

What do you think, though? Do you like ripped jeans, and if so, do you buy them pre-ripped, or do you just rip them yourself?

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