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Rihanna wears Antonio Berardi while promoting her new fragrance in London

The fact that it’s Rihanna wearing this outfit, and not, say… oh, almost ANYONE else, really… almost made our officers disregard it. You get used to stuff like this with Rihanna after a while, don’t you? It starts to seem normal and we tend to overlook it, purely on the basis of “But it’s RIHANNA!”

That statement sounds dangerously like something a fashion victim would say, though, (See also: “But it’s DESIGNER!” and “She’s X-celebrity: she can wear what she likes!” in our Fashion Victim Drinking Game for reference) so we feel that, whilst it IS, indeed, Rihanna, it’s also important to acknowledge that Rihanna is dressed like one of The Muppets here. In fact, she may actually be wearing one of The Muppets: it’s kind of hard to tell.

(Related: Did you know that we have an entire page of this site dedicated to Muppet Fashion? Yes, that is A Thing now. It’s a growing problem for society, too: innocent muppets are being hunted down and killed for their fur every day now, just so celebrities can wear turquoise fur while launching their new fragrances.)

What do we think of this, jurors? We’ll just say that we love her hair and makeup. We’ll leave the rest to you…

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