Rihanna for River Island and other crimes of fashion: our weekly roundup

So, the second phase of the Rihanna for River Island collection is now available in stores and online. Most of you weren’t particularly impressed by the first drop, and we’d be pretty surprised if the latest release changed your mind, because…

Rihanna for River Island skirt and top

Skirt and top, River Island

Yeah. These exist. As for WHY they exist, well, your guess is as good as ours. River Island aren’t describing them as “beach cover-ups”, however, so we have to assume they’re supposed to be worn exactly as shown. And that some people WILL try to wear them exactly as shown. Anyone else think Rihanna’s just messin’ with us here?

There’s also the small matter of this:

Rihanna for River Island shorts

Shorts, £50

You’ll probably remember that shorts-with-attached-shirts were a big feature of the last Rihanna for River Island collection, and we guess the look must have gone down well, because here they are again. This time, however, they’ve decided to take things even further, with shorter shorts and a longer shirt. Now we just can’t wait for the next release, which will presumably have to include a g-string with an attached cape or something of they want to try to outdo themselves. GOD.

Rihanna isn’t the only person responsible for crimes of fashion at River Island, however. There’s also this:

dip dye dungarees

Dungarees, £45

Even if we DIDN’T hate dungarees, dip-dye and acid wash, we’re pretty sure we’d the combination of all three. Especially considering that these look like they’ve been dipped in blood

Moving on from River Island, we think we’ve found a fringed item that makes yesterday’s dress look really good in comparison:

denim fringe shorts

Fringe shorts, £38

We’d struggle to decide which pair of shorts we dislike most: the Rihanna ones above, or these fringed ones from ASOS. Let’s just hope our lives never depend on our ability to answer that question.

Finally, anyone want to Dress Like a Toddler?

martian sandals

Miss L Fire Sandals, $114.99

If you’ve not yet graduated to “grown up” shoes, these could well be the sandals for you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  • May 31, 2013


    looks like you duped the pic of Rhianna’s clothes instead of the fringe item you promised. I would totally wear those sandals, but not at that price. I only claimed to be old, not a grown up.

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