Crimes of Fashion

Ridiculous Runways: Fashion Police at London Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2011

It’s London Fashion Week, folks! Time for a quick look at some upcoming fashion crimes which we’ll all have to be on our guards against this coming winter, but before we do, the usual disclaimer on runway fashion, for the benefit of any Fashion Victims who might read this:

Yeah, yeah, we know it’s ART. We know it’s a CONCEPT, and it’s omgfantastic, and that if we don’t like it then it must just be because “we don’t understaaaaand it!” Because it is DESIGNER, and as far as the Fashion Victims are concerned, if it’s DESIGNER then it must be good. But at the end of the day, they’re also clothes, and, well, some of them are just plain funny. And here they are!

The Collection: Jasper Conran, Fall 2011
The Trend: Not being able to see where you’re going. SO hot next season, srsly.

The Collection: Holly Fulton Fall 2011
The Trend: Your nipples. Word.

The Collection: Toddy Lynn, Fall 2011
The Trend: Not being able to breathe. (Combine one of these coats with the hat from the Jasper Conran show and you’ll be the most cutting-edge fashionable thing on two legs. You won’t be able to breathe OR see, obviously, but that’s a small price to pay for FASHUN, no?)

The Collection: Jasper Conran, Fall 2011
The Trend: Dress Like a Fuzzy Microphone Cover, circa 1972

The Collection: Osman, Fall 2011
The Trend: I Killed Cookie Monster

The Collection: Pam Hogg Fall 2011
The Trend: I Killed the Rest of the Muppets

The Collection: Topshop Unique
The Trend: Cruella (ella, ella…) (We actually quite liked some of the Topshop Unique show. We may show you some more of it tomorrow…)

The Collection: PPQ Fall 2011
The Trend: Batgirl


The Collection: PPQ Fall 2011
The Trend: Hot Mess With Hooves

The Collection: PPQ, Fall 2011
The Trend: Umm, actually, we have no idea what we’re looking at here. Is that a fish in a block of ice? For real?

The Collection: Issa, Fall 2011
The Trend: Still Can’t See

These are just a few of the upcoming “trends” we’ll be fighting next winter. Looks like we’re going to be calling in reinforcements…


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