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Rick Owens’ hooded leather boots go undercover

Aha! An undercover agent, sent in by Rick Owens to try and infiltrate The Fashion Police and find out all of our secrets. Sadly, however, Rick’s going to have to try harder with this: we may not have realised there was a wedge boot under there, but we couldn’t help but notice that the person wearing them would look a bit like a shire horse, albeit one with a penchant for leather, so we were able to quickly take action to uncover the criminals.

Want to see what’s underneath the cloak?

Ta da!

Bit of a disappointment really, isn’t it? Kind of underwhelming. After all of that mystery, we were hoping for something REALLY bad, something SO ugly we’d actually feel glad the “hood” was there to hide it from unsuspecting eyes.

Instead, it’s a pretty average pair of wedge boots.


(Click here to order these from The Outnet, where they’re currently selling for £463. We can’t imagine how they came to be on sale…)

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