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Boden Sixties jumper

Boden Sixties Sweater review

It’s the season for knitwear, so today The Fashion Police try on Boden’s sixties-style sweater for size…

SUSPECT: Boden Sixties jumper in green


COST: £49


I’m a sucker for boat-neck sweaters: they’re a little more interesting (to me) than a crew or v-neck, and they have that “Audrey Hepburn would wear this” feel about them too, which is never a bad thing in my book. Boden’s Sixties Sweater looks great in the stock photos, and comes in no less than 11 different colours, which pleased me greatly. I ordered the green – I beg your pardon ‘verdant’ – version purely because it’s my favourite colour, but I have my eye on a few of the other shades, too. Well, if I find something I really love, I’m a big believer in stocking up; this is one of those really classic shapes which can be annoyingly difficult to find, and there’s always room in my closet for a boat-neck sweater, so…

And DO I really love it? Well, yes and no.

I loved…

1. The colour.
The perfect shade of green, as far as I’m concerned, and as I said above, if you don’t like green, there are plenty of other choices available.

2. The quality.
42% cotton, 31% viscose, 22% nylon and 5% cashmere make this soft and snuggly, but not so precious I’ll be scared to wash it.

3. The delivery and presentation.
This was my first order from Boden, and I was really pleased with the service: the item arrived around two days after I ordered it, and was nicely wrapped: the parcel also contained a free fabric shopper and pretty notebook, which was a nice surprise.)

I didn’t love…

1. The fit

I ordered my usual size (As in, the size I’d order from any other retailer: as I say, this was my first order from Boden, so I wasn’t familiar with their sizing), and while it fit well in the body, I found the sleeves very wide. I think this is actually part of the design, as the sweater is supposed to have a fairly loose fit, but I think it would be more flattering if they were slightly narrower.

2. The creasing.

As you can see from the second photo, this sweater picked up quite a few creases, especially around the sleeves. The photo was taken not long after I put it on, and it had been ironed prior to that, so I was actually a bit surprised when I looked at the photos and noticed the creases. To be fair, it was ONLY when I looked at the photo that I noticed this: I don’t think it looked quite as obvious in real life, and I don’t think there are many items of clothing out there which will remain totally crease-free, but as something of a wrinkle-phobe, I was slightly disappointed: again, I think narrowing the sleeves would probably help with this.

My verdict: Would love a version with narrower sleeves, but I would still probably pick up another couple of colours as it’s a great basic sweater.

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