Reversible jeans give you two looks for the price of one

Don’t be fooled, readers (Ha! As if our officers could ever be fooled!): that’s not two pairs of jeans you see up above, it’s just one pair of jeans, which can be turned inside out for a different look. On one side, you have a light wash, casual pair of jeans with large pockets, while on the other there’s a slightly smarter dark wash, with different pockets. A day-to-night style, if you will: wear one side during the day, then just whip ’em off and turn ’em around for the evening.

The company behind these is called Salsa Fits My Life, and they suggest they’d be perfect for travel (one pair of jeans for the suitcase, two separate looks), a quick change, or, er, those times when you just can’t be bothered doing laundry. We’re OK with the first two uses, but for the love of God, people, turning something inside-out does not render it suddenly “clean” – in fact, all you’ll do is release any, er, odours into the outside world. So wash your clothes when they need it. Please. Do it for the rest of humanity, if not for us.

What do you think of this idea, everyone? They cost $179 per pair, and will be available at Tobi, amongst other places. Tempted?

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