Return of the tuxedo jumpsuit, by Haute Hippie


We thought we’d stamped out the small wave of tuxedo jumpsuits – the ultimate in stuck-together-clothes – that plagued the world of fashion earlier this year, so we’re saddened to see that these villains are still around, most recently showing up in the form of this wool-blend effort by Haute Hippie.

This is far from the worst example of this particular genre we’ve ever had to arrest, but seriously: for £725, wouldn’t you much rather have an actual tuxedo? Where the jacket isn’t attached to the trousers? Or a really, really nice dress? We know we would, but if you prefer to get completely undressed every time you have to visit the bathroom, this is available at Net-a-Porter.


  • December 1, 2009

    Rock Hyrax

    Perhaps they’re overalls for super-sophisticated mechanics.

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  • December 2, 2009


    I am a fop, I wouldn’t wear something Beau Brummel invented if you paid me, jumpsuit or not. *tosses his hair*

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