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      Dress of the Day | Collectif ‘Regina’ polka flock dress

      Collectif ‘Regina’ polka flock dress, £55 Collectif’s winter collection recently arrived online, and more than a few of the pieces have already made their way onto The Fashion Police’s ‘WANTED!” list. And also into The Fashion Police’s closet, if we’re going to be completely honest about this. The ‘Regina’ polka flock dress is one of the items currently on that list: although Collectif is technically a “retro reproduction” label, it’s a little less expensive than many similar brands (At £55, this dress is priced similarly to a mid-range high street store), which makes it that little bit more lethal to our bank balances. This dress has tons of old-fashioned glamour, but won’t look out of place in a contemporary setting…


      APB | Flash Sale at Tara Starlet

      Would all officers please copy… One of our favourite retro-inspired labels, Tara Starlet, is currently offering 40% off all full-priced items, in a flash sale which is set to end at midnight tonight. We love Tara Starlet for their 40s and 50s style pieces, most of which translate easily to a more contemporary setting too – i.e., you don’t have to worry about looking like you’re in costume when you wear them. This discount brings some of the higher-priced pieces down a slightly more affordable price-point, and although much of the stock available at the moment has a distinctly spring/summer flavour, we’re sure we don’t need to tell you that buying out-of-season is a great way to grab a bargain,…


      DOTD | Mylene Klass leopard print wiggle dress

      Mylene Klass leopard print wiggle dress, £55 Like a little bit of leopard on your wiggle dress? It’s not for everyone, granted. In fact, there’s  a good chance that at least 50% of you are rolling your eyes in horror right now, while the other 50% is nodding enthusiastically. Animal print is just one of those “marmite” kind of prints, isn’t it? If you hate it, you probably think it’s cheap, tacky and the kind of thing that instantly turns an outfit into a Fashion Crime. If you love it, however, you probably appreciate how the odd dash of animal print can add a bit of interest to an otherwise dull dress, or liven up even the most boring of…

      Stop Staring emerald dess

      Ten fabulous retro dresses

      Dress: Collectif Way back in 2009, we posted a list of our Top Ten retro dresses, and to this day it’s still one of the most popular posts on the entire site. That list is looking a little dated now, and many of the dresses have long-since sold out, so we thought it was time we updated it. This isn’t a “top ten”, it’s simply a collection of some of our favourite examples of retro-inspired style from around the web. We hope you enjoy!


      High Street Shopping Pick of the Day: Polka dot pillbox hat

      It’s no secret that The Fashion Police love polka dots, so for today’s High Street Shopping Pick, we found a (relatively) inexpensive way to add some of our favourite print to our winter wardrobe. This polka dot pillbox hat is £25 at River Island, and will give a dash of retro-inspired style to your outerwear. It’s a little more stylish than a beanie or bobble hat, but will still stop the heat “escaping through your head”, like your mother always warned you… [Buy it]


      Fantasy Shopping: Suzanne ‘Kaleidoscope’ retro cocktail dress

      Could we afford this? Not even in our wildest dreams. Would we have somewhere to wear it, even if we could? Nuh-uh. Or not unless the Fashion Police uniforms get some serious upgrading, anyway. Or we decide to get married in 1955. Do any of the above points stop us totally coveting this dress, and reaching out to stroke the screen lovingly, ever time we look at it? Nope, not for a second. Well, it’s called ‘Fantasy Shopping” for a reason, you know: no one ever claimed these clothes had to be practical, did they? Just in case you don’t have an upcoming engagement at the alter, and DO have a spare $1,350 burning a hole in your bank account, here’s…

      Mad Men fashion at Dorothy Perkins

      Wanted! Mad Men fashion at Dorothy Perkins

      Roll collar pencil dress, £40 We’d just like to take a moment to virtually high-five Dorothy Perkins for their excellent work recently. We’ve been loving a lot of their clothes – a LOT of their clothes – but we’re particularly keen on the vaguely 60s-influenced, Mad Men style dresses they’ve been releasing over the past few weeks. And sure, everyone’s been doing 60s style, and everyone AND their dog has been jumping on the Mad Men train, but the fact that Dotty Ps dresses typically retail for around the £40 mark, and won’t make you look like you’re in costume (or not unless you go the whole hog with the 60s-style hair and makeup, too. We won’t judge you. Much.), we’ve been…

      betty draper dress

      Dress of the Day: Dollydagger 50s style Scarlet Dress

      Betty Draper would be ALL OVER this dress, wouldn’t she? And we would too, to be perfectly honest with you. In fact, we’re kind of kicking ourselves for breaking one of our golden rules – Thou Shalt Not Visit The Dollydagger Website Unless Thou Art Prepared to Spend A Lot of Money – and allowing About Your Dress to seduce us into clicking the link to this, because even although we have nowhere to wear it, and are about £100 short of the £130 we’d need to buy it, it’s going to haunt us forever now. This is from Dollydagger’s own Boutique Collection, and is in that classic 50s style which is currently very much in fashion, but which never really goes…


      Long or Short? Bettie Page’s Captain dress, as seen on Holly Madison

      Bettie Page’s ‘Captain’ dress has been available for a while now, and is a Fashion Police favourite: in fact, if we ever launch a nautical division*, this dress will be part of the uniform of its officers. Holly Madison obviously likes the dress too, as she was spotted wearing it earlier this month. Not only is Holly wearing the dress, however, she’s also butchered the dress, hacking several inches off the hemline to create this mini version, just as Blair did on Gossip Girl that time. Is the change for the better or for the worse, though? Well, that’s what we want you to tell us. Do you prefer Holly’s shortened version, Bettie Page’s original version, or neither? And why?…


      Wanted! Retro-style swimsuits at Target

      The Fashion Police have long been fans of retro-style swimwear, of the kind shown above: cut low on the hips, with a bit of ruching over the stomach, this shape is super-flattering, and surprisingly sexy – perfect for those of us who don’t really fancy the itsy-witsy, teeny-weeny bikini (yellow polka dot or otherwise). Of course, the drawback with this kind of swimswuit is that they tend to be on the expensive side, which is why we were so pleased to come across Target’s current collection. These suits retail for just $34.99, and are available in a wide range of prints, colours and shapes, with the ones shown above being just a small selection. For those of us outside of…


      Wanted! 50s-style cat’s eye sunglasses from ASOS

      Here at TFP we’re obsessed with all things 50s, and, handily enough, the fashion world is going through a flirtation with that era too at that moment, which makes it all the easier for us to stock up on pretty little things like these cat’s eye sunglasses, which are £12 at ASOS. They’re probably not going to be the easiest style to wear, and could end up looking a little too “costume party” in the wrong hands, but… did we mention they’re only £12? And retro-fabulous, dahlinks? Well, they are. Click here to buy them – but leave some for us!

      40s style bikini from Topshop

      Wanted! 40s style stripe halter bikini from Topshop

      We know bikini season is already a thing of the past here in the Northern hemisphere, but we’ve had our beady eyes on this retro style stripe bikini from Topshop for a few days now, and have noticed that it’s selling out fast online, so we figured it was our duty to inform you of its existence, just in case you have a winter sun break planner or, er, need something to wear in the jacuzzi at the gym. We love the retro shape of this, from the figure-flattering (on some figures, at least) high-waisted bottoms, to the nautical stripes, which are just begging to be worn with bright red lipstick and a pair of cat’s eye sunglasses. If you…

      retro swimwear Esther Williams Beach Blanket Bingo Polka dot bikini

      The Fashion Police’s Ultimate Retro-Inspired Swimwear Roundup

      We know we’re not the only ones to have been seduced by the appeal of retro-inspired swimwear over the past few years, so we’ve rounded up just a few our our current favourites for your viewing pleasure. From cherry-print to polka dot one-pieces to bikinis, you’ll find all you need for a retro-style summer in the gallery below – just click on the image for stockist details.


      Swimwear Section: Red or Dead retro 50’s Style Swimsuits

      As regular readers will be well aware, one thing that’s always guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of The Fashion Police is a good old-fashioned dose of retro-inspired swimwear. These 50s style suits by Red or Dead, then, are right up our boardwalk. Cut to cover much more than modern swimwear, these will be a little more forgiving to the figure, but are so cute and fun that you’d never suspect them of being anything so dull as “shapewear”. At £62, these are a little more expensive than many swimsuits we’ve seen this year, but if you think they’re worth it, you can snap them up at Oli.


      Mad Men Fashion: Ava Dress in Jade Green by Pinup Couture

      Whether you love Mad Men, or just love the fashion from the show, we’re willing to bet you might also love Pin-Up Girl Clothing right now, because it’s just chock-full of Mad Men-inspired fashion. We spotted this green ‘Ava’ dress, which is more or less identical to the one worn by Christina Hendricks in the image on the left, and would be perfect for Hendricks-style curvy figures. This is also available in teal, and you can buy it here.