Retro Style: 10 Awesome Ways to Wear 70’s Fashion

They say that fashion often repeats itself…or is it history that often repeats itself? Either way, fashion trends have a tendency to cycle over and over again. Things that were once popular can make a comeback decades later. Lately we’ve seen a resurgence of many fashion trends from the 70’s, and we’re definitely not complaining! The 70’s had some of the best fashion trends of all time, and we’re thrilled to see them making a comeback. From flared pants to aviator sunglasses, we hope to see a lot of 70’s fashion trends this year. We’ve taken a look at two retailers who are known for carrying retro-style clothes, ModCloth and Urban Outfitters, and we compiled a list of ten ways to wear 70’s fashion. Check them out below!

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1.  Rainbow Striped Jeans, $69

70's style

The high waist, the rainbow stripe, the bellbottoms – everything about these jeans screams 70’s fashion. They’re very statement-making on their own, so we think they’d look ideal with a white t-shirt or black turtleneck.

2. Velvet Jumpsuit, $39

70's style

Jumpsuits! Jumpsuits were huge in the 70’s, especially velvet ones. This jumpsuit makes us imagine a disco nightclub and high platform shoes.

3. Long Sleeve Maxi Dress, $79

70s style

There are few things that say “70’s boho hippie” than long sleeve maxi dresses. The colors of this floral are beautiful earth tones, which were very popular in the 70’s. We could picture this dress at an outdoor music festival!

4. Lace Peasant Top, $24

70s style

Peasant tops never really went away, but they were at their peak in the 70’s. We love peasant tops because they look good on everyone! of can pair a peasant top with a pair of jeans and knee-high boots for ultimate 70’s fashion.

5. Bowie Graphic T-Shirt, $29

70s style

Graphic t-shirts were a big part of 70’s fashion. We especially love this one which features the late, great David Bowie. Bowie was a 70’s icon (actually, just an all-time icon), so this is a perfect 70’s graphic tee.

6. Corduroy Flared Pants, $99

70s style

Corduroy was huge in the 70’s. So were flared pants. So with a pair of corduroy flared pants, you’ll look like you stepped straight out of 1973.

7. Macramé Tote Bag, $55

70s style

This macramé tote bag reminds us of the 70’s for so many reasons. The large wooden handle reminds us of 70’s-style furniture and architecture. The mustard color of the bag itself was absolutely huge in the 70’s.

8. Denim Sherpa Jacket, $128

70s style

Denim coats with Sherpa lining are warm, fashionable, and totally 70’s. Mostly men sported this jackets back in the day, but we love the way they look on women!

9. Aviator Sunglasses, $18

70s style

Everyone owned a pair of aviator sunglasses during the 70’s. They protected your eyes from harmful UV rays and they looked really cool while doing it! We love that this pair is super budget-friendly.

10. Printed Skinny Scarf, $10

70s style

A skinny scarf tied around the neck was a popular trend in the 70’s. They come in endless prints and colors, but this one spoke to us. The earth tone colors and retro pattern are definitely 70’s. Plus, this one is only $10!

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