Redefining ‘Sexy’ Fashion

sheer dress with sexy hotpants

We need to talk about “sexy”. Or, OK, we don’t NEED to, we just WANT to. Lately, you see, it’s been becoming more and more apparent that when fashion retailers use the word “sexy”, what they REALLY mean is simply “sheer”, or “barely even an item of clothing, there’s so little of it”. ASOS, for instance, describe this item as a “racer back dress with sexy hotpants”. Then there’s this little Just Cavalli number, which is SO sexy it’s not really safe for work, just FYI:

Just Cavalli sheer dress

So, basically if you want to look “sexy”, all you have to do is show as much flesh as possible, ideally in something completely see-through. It’s as close as it gets to being naked, folks!

Now, we’ve said it before, but it’s probably worth repeating that we don’t think flashing the flesh is necessarily a BAD thing (under the right circumstances, obviously. You probably wouldn’t want to do it at work, for instance.). Sometimes there comes a point when ya got it, and you may as well flaunt it, you know?

But where do you draw the line between “sexy” and “just plain tacky”? Is there one? Is this continuing run of dresses which leave so little to the imagination that they may as well not even exist simply an example of “sexy” dressing, or is it an example of unimaginative dressing, in the sense of, “Oh, I want to look sexy, I’ll just get my boobs out”?

What do you think?

(Oh, and just to balance things out, and prove that not ALL sheer dresses are even remotely sexy, check out this one, by Kalmanovich:

Kalmanovich dress

It’s fashion contraception.)


  • March 12, 2012


    The second one is fine for bedroom use. I mean, who am I to judge in that er…area. As long as it doesn’t leave the bedroom.

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  • March 12, 2012


    The first one does a remarkable job of looking sheer and revealing yet dowdy. Quite the coup. The second one is just plain slutty — even in the bedroom.

    The sheer thing has gotten to the silly point. It’s cliche.

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  • March 12, 2012


    My line for sheer things is based on the garments worn under it. I’ve seen some very stunning sheer blouses lately — when they are worn over a camisole or undershirt. That’s the catch. Too “sexy” is not sexy. Leave something to the imagination, and it’s actually more alluring.

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  • March 13, 2012


    I could pretty much cut a head hole in my control tights and wind up with the exact same dress.

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