Crimes of Fashion

Red Valentino joins the circus: Knickerbocker lace leggings

Have you ever wondered to yourself what would happen if the trend for all things circus and burlesque had a love child with a Harajuku girl? No? Really? That is a shame – because we think we may have the answer right here.

Red Valentino’s knickerbocker lace leggings manage to look alluringly retro and super kawaii while simultaneously exuding an air of the ridiculous. I mean, sure, they’re kinda cute – but can you see yourself wearing them out in public? Or, if you did, could you not create the same effect with a cheaper pair of lace leggings and a pair of retro frilled knickers? For considerably less than £230?

If you do require your clothes to be stuck together you can buy these from Net a Porter for the aforementioned £230. Just try very hard not to ladder them on your first outing…

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