Looks We Love | Red jeans, camel coat

There’s nothing more classic than a camel coat… except perhaps a camel coat worn with the perfect pair of bright red jeans:

red jeans and camel coat

Image: Bittersweet Colours

Brooklyn Blonde | CAmel Coat, red jeans

Brooklyn Blonde

red jeans and camel coat


Who says cold-weather looks have to be dull, dark and dreary? In the outfits above, red jeans bring a welcome splash of colour to a winter’s day, while the camel provides a nice contrast: the colour is every bit as versatile as black, but can be a little less draining on the complexion, which is always a good thing.

This is the kind of colour combination that never goes out of fashion, and although winter is almost over for this year (or, at least, we hope so…), it’s one that will continue to work well into spring: just swap the wool camel coat for a classic trench, and you’re good to go. Chunky sweaters (in shades of camel or cream) are a great choice for winter, but a Breton stripe will look great under your coat when spring finally rolls around too.┬áDon’t wear jeans? This colour combination works just as well with any items you like, so try a red dress or skirt instead, for a slightly different version of the look.

STYLE STEALER | Red jeans, camel coat

To get this look, you can choose to spend a little or a lot. If you’re anything like us, we’re sure you’ll want to spend as little as possible, but the fact that winter stock is now on deep discount at most stores means the “splurge” option isn’t QUITE as bank-breaking as might have been the case earlier in the season:

red jeans camel coat outfit

If you want to save some money, however, here’s a slightly more budget-friendly option, using items from the UK high street:

red jeans and camel coat

What do you think of camel and red? Do you wear this combination? Would you wear it?

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