Dress of the Day | Lindybop ‘Serena’ red chiffon dress

Lindybop 'Serena' dress

Lindybop ‘Serena’ dress, £59

Every so often our daily style sleuthing leads us to the kind of dress that makes our officers stop in their tracks and declare the search for a worthy Dress of the Day to be over.

Lindybop’s ‘Serena’ is one of those dresses.

Available in red or black, and priced at £59, this is the perfect party dress. A sweetheart bodice overlaid with chiffon, and a wide black waistband to help create an “hourglass” effect, combine to give ‘Serena’ the kind of classic style that never goes out of fashion. Add a full skirt, and you end up with the kind of dress that would make you feel like the star of an old Hollywood movie: just add a slash of red lipstick and a pair of black evening gloves to get the full effect.

Aspire Style, who are selling this dress in UK sizes 8 – 14, recommend adding a tulle petticoat to maximize the fullness of the skirt: we always think a petticoat is a good idea with this kind of dress (particularly if you’re wearing it to a particularly fancy party), but the soft drape will also work well without one, and has a gorgeous, floaty appearance, which will make it perfect for twirling in.

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