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Red Carpet Roundup: Celebrity Fashion at the MTV Music Awards


We're coming in late with this one, folks, but we've had major technical problems (i.e. no internet access) here at fashion Police HQ for a few days now, so we're frantically playing catch-up in the brief moments we manage to get online.

Anyway, our vote for Worst Dressed of this selection would probably go to Kristen Stewart, above. We went backwards and forwards on this one because we know heels aren't the be-all-and-end-all, and sometimes it's nice to wear something a little more comfortable, but ultimately we think Kristen looks like one of those office workers you see walking along in sneakers, with their "proper" shoes in a bag, ready to change into at the office. Still, it's the MTV Awards, not the Oscars, so maybe we should cut her some slack here, whaddya think?


Ashley Tisdale, on the other hand, we like, although if you'd said to us yesterday "super-strappy sandals that wind up the calf", we'd probably have reached for the handcuffs.


Hayden Panettiere.


Sienna Miller


Ah, OK. We're taking the Worst Dressed war away from Kristen Stewart and giving it to Taraji P. Henson instead. Because Taraji came in costume. At least Kristen didn't come in costume…


Vanessa Hudgens


Rumer Willis

So, who was your best and worst dressed?

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