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Red Carpet Casual: Katie Holmes in stripes at the premiere of “The Extra Man”

Sometimes it’s good to know that celebrities are just like us, deep down. Some days, for instance, they just don’t feel like dressing up for a movie premiere. Some days they just feel like throwing on that little striped dress that’s so comfortable, tossing some curlers in their hair and saying “OK, I’m done.”

So it was for Katie Holmes at the premiere of The Extra Man this week. “Meh,” she seems to be saying here. “Who cares? I mean, at least I curled my hair for this…”

What do you think of Katie’s Red Carpet Casual look? Do you applaud her attempt to go for a more relaxed look? Is it refreshing to see a celebrity who isn’t trying too hard once in a while? Or do you think the star of the movie should at least be distinguishable from the rest of the crowd?

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