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Real Life Fashion Police: Richmond Community Schools introduce super-strict dress code

stripe-shirtSo, you’re probably wondering what the deal is with the striped top. Sure, stripes aren’t for everyone, but banning them seems a little extreme, even for The Fashion Police, no?

Well, yeah, it does. It’s not too extreme for the school district in Richmond, Indiana, though, who’ve just introduced a new dress code which bans… well, just about everything really. Under this code, students are only allowed to wear totally plain clothes: no patterns, no logos, no stripes.  And if you think that’s easy, try telling it to the almost 200 kids who’ve been suspended for wearing “inappropriate dress”, which includes clothes that have even the tiniest emblem or pattern on them somewhere. Showing your collarbone will also get you suspended, as will wearing anything too tight – so the Dorothy Perkins top above is a one-way ticket to suspension, apparently. Buh-bye, college dreams!

Teachers and staff aren’t excluded from the new policy either: a member of the canteen staff was fired for wearing jeans, and parents and students have been holding protests outside the school buildings.

Fashion Policing gone mad, we think. Kinda makes you want to dress in stripes, doesn’t it?

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