This is the sort of thing that should be left …

Comment on Real Life Fashion Police: Italian Town Bans “Very Short” Skirts and “Too Much” Cleavage by lizvocal.

This is the sort of thing that should be left to public opinion. Once it is law, you have court cases to define “too short” or “too much” which gets ridiculous. The law simply is not effective at this sort of policing.

But if everyone who showed up in pajamas in public were laughed at, you can bet they would go home and put on some clothes.

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The long and short (and shapeless) of it: Mullet shirts
Bet they will be styled with leggings, so the front shows and the butt is slightly covered. 🙂

Style on Trial: Naomi Watts in a “shress”
She could also afford a slip! Sorry, but this makes me think of sheer curtains, pretending to be raw silk.

Style on Trial: Blake Lively in a red Marchesa dress
Ruffled toddler panties attached to a mostly not there top. Yuck.

Scary Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard Overlay Platform Sandals
What I don’t understand is the heel part sticking out the back. the boot doesn’t seem to cover the whole foot. Which to me takes them from scary to goofy, and not in a good way.

Daylight Robbery? Lanvin’s $1,500 canvas tote bag
I just donated this bag, and many more silk flower projects by my late mother-in-law, to the Salvation Army! I could’ve made a fortune!!

I agree with Moni that the name is not very legible. I could’ve copied the ‘logo’ and who could tell??

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