What if no underwear is worn? …

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What if no underwear is worn?

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Socks are officially out of fashion: just paint your feet instead a la the Louise Gray Spring 2011 runway!
So this is a feet-pretending-to-be-socks crime? hehe…

Kristen Stewart gets a new look (or a new hair style at least)
It suits her very well and I’m glad to see she’s started to look more comfortable in front of cameras.

Lady Gaga has grey hair and hooves. Fashion Police not surprised.
Even if there was some metal plate going from the platform to her heel, it would be impossible to walk because of the angle. Her foot is almost parallel to the ground so her weight is concentrated under her heel not on the front of her foot. The only logical conclusion can be that Lady Gaga has mastered antigravity.

Style on trial: Karen Millen animal print t-shirts
I like this a lot better than regular animal print which makes it seem like you have skinned an animal and are now wearing it or that you are actually trying to look like an animal… These on the other hand look like they wouldn’t have that effect and are thus more wearable for some people (like me).

Ask The Fashion Police: How young is too young for heels?
Well, it depends on the type of heel. For example a 2” wedge heel on a 13-year-old’s foot is acceptable but a stiletto of the same height would look very off. It’s okay to start wearing heels around 12-13 but they should be reasonably low and definitely not thin-heeled or immodest.

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