Style Trial: Rachel Weisz at the World Premiere of The Bourne Legacy

Rachel Weisz pictured at the premiere of The Bourne Legacy

Rachel Weisz has obviously been paying attention to the “boobs or legs” rule of fashion. This is a good thing, because when the girls are being as, er, uplifted as this, you definitely don’t want the legs trying to get in on the action too.

Did Rachel take things too far with the midi length dress, though? We know some of our officers believe this kind of length isn’t appropriate on anyone, cutting off the leg and “stumpifying” the wearer. And yes, that totally is a word.

We don’t reckon Rachel looks remotely stumpy here in her Christian Dior dress and Christian Louboutin shoes: in fact, we reckon the two Christians make a pretty good double act, actually. It’s not up to us to decide whether this is a crime of fashion, though: its up to you. So, what’s it to be:

Innocent or guilty?

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