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Rachel Roy wears pyjamas on the red carpet, has trouble styling black sandals

She wouldn’t be allowed to shop in Tesco like this, but luckily for Rachel Roy, there were no such pesky rules in effect at the One Day premiere this week, so she was able to rock up in her PJs without fear of being thrown out. Well, we guess it would’ve saved her a bit of time when she was getting ready for bed, hmm?

And WHY is a respected fashion designer wearing sleepwear to a premiere, we hear you ask? Oh, it’s the old “taking risks!” shtick:

“I have an eleven-year-old and I like to show her that it’s OK to take fashion risks and to have fun and tell a story with fashion,” says Rachel. “I also believe in balance. It was hard for me to find something to go with these shoes where I didn’t feel too dressed up and too done. So I thought, this is how I can wear these shoes by Mr. Blahnik!”

 Sounds a bit like Rachel swallowed the “How To Talk Like a Fashion Victim” manual whole here, with all of the “risks” and “fun” and “telling a story” stuff. She’s just missing an “edgy” and an “unexpected”, and she’d be sounding just like a fashion editorial. She didn’t dress like this as a joke, folks: it’s SO SERIOUS, and all about balance and risk-taking and stuff. This must make the people who walk around supermarkets in their dressing gowns feel much better!

What do you think of Rachel’s attempt to take risks with fashion and avoid the pitfalls of looking “too dressed up”? Fun? Edgy? Wackyzanykerrazy? Are these black sandals really so tough to style that only PJs will do? Is the Huffington Post correct in assuming that everyone else on the red carpet “must have been secretly jealous?” Tell us!

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