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Rachel McAdams has new bangs and too-big shoes

Rachel McAdams in a mint dress at the premiere of The Vow

Rachel McAdams, we love your Vivienne Westwood dress (didn’t we tell you mint would be hot this season?), but we’re hereby arresting you on suspicion of wearing shoes which are far too big for you.

Actually, screw the “on suspicion” part: Rachel McAdams, we find you guilty of the crime of Too Big Shoes:

Rachel McAdams in Vivienne Westwood dress and Christian Louboutin shoes

We’d imagine you’re probably going to use the “But they’re not mine! I just borrowed them for the event!” excuse. Save it. That one doesn’t wash with us any more – especially not when we’re talking about a pair of Christian Louboutin ‘Pigalle’ pumps, which are to celebrities what Primark is to the rest of us. Come on, Rachel! Step it up here! Surely you can buy yourself a pair of “nude” shoes, rather than resorting to borrowing ones which are too big! You don’t HAVE to buy OMGDESIGNER if you really can’t afford to/don’t want to: just wear ANY shoes which fit. They will look instantly classier than your borrowed Loubs, with their “little girl dressing up in her mother’s clothes” look.

In other news, Rachel got bangs. We quite like them, but we’re anticipating a backlash, because that’s the way bangs normally go down here. As they’re a slightly different colour to the rest of her hair, we suspect they may be clip-ins, though, so no biggie. What DO you think of them, and this look as a whole?

[Images: PRPhotos.com]


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