The shoes look like a road kill, like the bloody, …

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The shoes look like a road kill, like the bloody, mixed remains of fur and entrails you sometimes see on the street.

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Guess What It Is
They do love to pair black, mannish lace-ups with every skirt, don’t they? Imagine you fell for a marriage impostor who robbed and left you in the sleeping car, leaving only his men shoes behind. In the morning, you put your feet into those shoes and took off the decorative fitted sheet from the uppermost bed to at least cover your nakedness. That’s how this dress looks to me.

Ikea, I think, would make yellow and blue striped dungarees if they made clothes.

Crimes Against Denim from Cheap Monday
To me they rather look as if I had tried to paint a pair of black bicycle shorts on my white jeans, but the colour was too runny.

Whateva, do you really, really really believe that the people who wear that stuff like it? Is it not rather some kind of obstinacy, like some people, when you catch them lying, start to embellish their story more and more, thinking that at one point they will be believed?

Or maybe it is a phenomenon which I would call the “Roman-cuisine-effect”: After the nobility of ancient Rome had eaten everything, brought delicacies from the whole known world to their tables, and nothing new and exciting was left to try and impress others with, they started to eat ever more nasty stuff: The Minerva pasty which was made from fish offal, only the tongues of peacocks pickled in jelly, dying goatfish (goatfish turn red when they die and were therefore killed at the table), sausages filled with brain and cartilage (these have unfortunately survived in the cuisine of northern Germany) and so on. I need not explain how this translates into fashion, I think – we have shown every piece of our bodies, used all materials for clothes including fish leather, metal mesh and cast plastics, have deformed especially the female body into every possible shape and have printed each and every foolishness on t-shirts. So what is left to us?

Hey, Bigfoot
These look dangerous; in my mind, I see that poor model prostrate at the foot of a stairway, in a pool of blood and striped fabric.

This is not a Moschino t-shirt, it’s a possible crime of fashion
Whow – an 860,- quid joke. If I had a bag this expensive, I would want to wear it for years. Imagine how stale the joke will have become when you wear this bag the second time. So let’s hope it is *not* beautifully and sturdily made, because then it will be easier to throw it away. I agree with Sharon: Not funny. Not inspired. No statement, political or otherwise. Not really art.

Please make it stop.
“DING DONG”? “NAUGHTY BUT NICE”? “SWEET DREAMS?” “LOVE”? “YOURS FOREVER”? That is not even remotely amusing, at least if you are not in the habit of laughing about the mentally disabled.

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