Fashion Crime Friday | Rabbit shoes, shredded chaps and mesh skirts

Well, Fashion Crime Fighters, it’s almost the weekend*, but before you scoot off to enjoy it, let’s end the week with a quick clean-up of the Fashion Police Jail, shall we? Take a quick look at these recent arrests, and let us know whether we should keep them under lock and key, or set them free, absolved of all guilt:

1. The Rabbit Shoes

red rabbit fur shoes

Rabbit fur shoes, $650

Oh dear. Quite apart from the fact that animals died to create these shoes (Which some would argue is a crime in itself), we can’t help but think we’d feel like we were putting our feet INSIDE the rabbit if we tried to wear these: we’re not sure if it’s the almost blood-red colour that’s doing it, but there’s just something vaguely gruesome about them somehow. Oh, and they also lool like stiletto slippers. So there’s that.

2. The shredded chap jeans

shredded chap jeans

Shredded chap jeans, $525

It would be bad enough if this was a pair of ripped tights/leggings ┬ábeing worn under denim cut-offs, by a 13-year-old girl going through a rebellious phase. But nope: the shorts are ATTACHED to the leggings, making this a Stuck Together Clothes Crime, if ever we saw one. And they’re $525, which makes them completely freaking ridiculous, seriously: trust us, there are cheaper ways to look like you just pulled your pants out of a dumpster. One way, for example, is to just pull your pants out of a dumpster. Congratulations! You just saved yourself $525!

3. The Mesh Pencil Skirt

mesh pencil skirt

Mesh pencil skirt, $145

The Opening Ceremony website describes this skirt as “Nonchalant but never sloppy… perfect for days without plans.” Now, we don’t know about you, but where we come from, walking around in a see-through slip would be seen as pretty darn sloppy, to be honest. They got one thing right, though: this IS perfect for days without plans. Like, days when you don’t plan on leaving the house, for instance. Please don’t leave the house without your clothes, folks: you’ll thank us for this advice later, we promise you.

Aaaand that concludes our roundup for this week, so now it’s over to you: are these crimes of fashion, or do you want us to set them free, so you can buy and wear them?


  • August 23, 2013


    The fad of buying pre-ripped clothes came around in my youth, (the 80s) and I was mystified then as I am now. My mother, a child of the 60s, assures me this happened back then, too. She didn’t know why either. She did teach me not to waste money on such ridiculous items, however.

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  • August 27, 2013


    I dont hate the rabbit shoes. I know I should. But I dont – they’re like try-hard (bedroom) mules, probably about to achieve C-grade celebrity with a forthcoming [ahem] video… No, I dont hate them, but the do make me laugh.

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  • September 5, 2013


    The shoes look like a road kill, like the bloody, mixed remains of fur and entrails you sometimes see on the street.

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  • December 28, 2013


    Does anyone else think those shoes look like a certain part of the female anatomy? (only redder)

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