Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

R13 asymmetrical capri jeans: ouch!

Yes, they’re supposed to look like that. WE KNOW.

You know, we can almost get on board with clothes that are ugly-but-comfortable. (We said sometimes, calm down at the back there!). Sometimes you just want to slip into something comfortable, don’t you? But these. These aren’t just ugly: they also make us start to squirm in discomfort, and that’s just from looking at them. And sure, it may well be that once you’re wearing them they’ll be as comfortable as an old pair of PJs, but the fact is, they’ll still look like a spectacularly ill-fitting pair of jeans, won’t they?

And they’ll have cost you $248, too. Get them here if none of this puts you off…

[Thanks to Erica for the report!]
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