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Pyjamas in Public: now the height of fashion!

Model in pyjama top

These are not pyjamas

Good news for those of you who like to wear your pyjamas in public, but are tired of being kicked out of supermarkets or told you’re not not respectably dressed: this Rag & Bone blouse gives you all the, er, style, of a PJ top, but costs $325, and is sold as daywear. So next time the security guard tries to escort you out of the supermarket, you can just toss your hair, stick your nose in the air, and utter the fashion victim‘s battle cry: “But it’s DESIGNER!”

Not even Shopbop are trying to pretend this looks like anything other than a pyjama top: it’s described on the website as a “PJ blouse”, which is a fair description, given that that’s exactly what it looks like.

Question: would you pay $325 to look like you’re out in your PJs?

If you answered yes, click here to buy one. Just don’t expect us to ever understand.

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