Style Trial: The Pyjama Suit

black pyjama suit

Jacket and trousers, both available at Zara [buy them]

Do not adjust your sets, officers: this isn’t yet another one of those cases where someone goes straight from bed to street without passing a closet, or putting on some clothes first: no, it’s a pyjama suit. As in, a suit that’s designed to look almost exactly like pyjamas. Yes.

Now, if this actually WAS a pair of pyjamas, it would be a rather nice one we think. As a SUIT, however, it looks… just like pyjamas. And that makes it almost impossible for us to look at it and think anything other than, “Hey, that person’s out in public in their pjs! WHY?” It’s a good question, and it’s one that we’ve been asking ourselves for a while now: or for as long as the “pjs in public” thing started, a few years back. Why do people want to wear pyjamas in public? Or to just LOOK like they’re wearing pyjamas in public? Is society so obsessed with the Cult of the Casual that they want to stop getting dressed altogether? And, even more astonishingly: when there are so many amazing items of clothing out there, and so many different looks you could create with them, why would you want to settle for looking like you just rolled out of bed?

That’s the question that we put to you today, readers. The pyjama suit, you see, was a runway look of 2012: it didn’t quite catch on at the time (Or not that we’re aware of, anyway: we GUESS it’s possible that all of those teenagers we see wandering around the neighbourhood in Ugg boots and pyjamas are actually wearing expensive designer duds. We doubt it, though.), but this item is part of Zara’s current stock, which suggests they’re trying to make the pyjama suit happen this year, instead.

Should we let it? What do you think of “outdoor” clothes which are designed to look like nightwear? Would you wear them, or do you consider them to be crimes of fashion? 

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  • April 17, 2013


    If it feels like a suit (slightly stiff and formal), and looks like pajamas, that is entirely wrong. But a cute jacket and pants in a silky fabric, that would be awesome. Pretty sure I wore all silk suits in *cough* vibrant colors in the early 90s.

    I think this cut is unflattering, but with an Asian inspired jacket, the fabric could make a cute suit.

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  • April 21, 2013


    So I personally hate the whole ‘Pyjamas as out-and-about-day-wear’ however I just stumbled across this example of one of the the only plausible ways to wear this ‘trend’:
    You wouldn’t know it was meant to be an outdoors Pyjama shirt if you weren’t told. But that’s just me, what do the Fashion Police think?

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