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Pyjama Jeans: Now With Added Boxers

Pyjama jeans for men

This dude is wearing his pyjamas. Yes, we know they look like a reasonably ugly pair of jeans, they are, in fact, pyjama jeans.

“Well, what of it, Fashion Police?” we hear you say. “He’s in his own home, and it’s not like we’ve never heard of pyjama jeans before: and at least he’ll be able to wear them to the supermarket without being thrown out!”

All of this is true. The pyjama jean, however, is the start of a slippery slope towards a life of fashion crime. Here is where that slope ends:

pyjama jeans with buit in boxersPyjama jeans… with built-in boxers. So you can have the LOOK of saggy, underwear-revealing jeans, without having to actually WEAR saggy, underwear revealing jeans. Quite why you’d want to do this is an absolute mystery to us, but if you do, you can buy them here. Just promise us you’ll keep them strictly for your own private use…

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