Crimes of Fashion

Fashion Crime Friday | Psychedelic jumpsuits, and other crimes of fashion

We begin this week’s Fashion Crime Friday roundup with an outfit that makes those “meggings” we featured earlier this week seem like the very height of style:

Suspect # 1: Whatever this is:

crimes of fashion

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Honestly, we’re not even sure what we’re looking at here. As always, however, we’d be absolutely fascinated to know what makes someone thing, “You know, I reckon today calls for a lace bodysuit under a firry/studded tank top. Oh, and maybe a nice little “socks with sandals” combo, just to finish it off!”

We may never know.

Suspect # 2: Cover page cut-out booties

magazine shoes

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Now, these we’re just not sure about. Most of you loved last week’s gladiator flatforms (and we’ve set them free, on your orders), so perhaps you’ll also like these pink platforms, with sections made from the torn-out pages of an old magazine (or made to LOOK like they are, anyway), too? Or maybe you’ll agree with us that these would be fine for Barbie. Either way, be sure to let us know.

We’re hoping you’ll at least agree that THIS should be sent straight to the depths of fashion hell – we mean jail – however:

psychedelic jumpsuit

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Suspect # 3: The Psychedel Jumpsuit

Even the model looks unimpressed with this one. Or perhaps she’s just thinking the pink Barbie shoes would’ve been better with this than boring black pumps?

Speaking of jumpsuits….

Suspect # 4: Margiela Strikes Again

orange jumpsuit

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At first we thought this was some kind of dance/stage costume – like for a modern interpretation of Peter Pan, or something. We should be so lucky, though, because it’s actually a designer jumpsuit, by Maison Martin Margiela. We’re kind of glad we found it, though, because you know what orange jumpsuits are good for? Jail, that’s what. We’ve been looking for a new uniform for our inmates…

Spotted a crime of fashion?

Don’t delay: contact The Fashion Police today!  Psychedelic

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