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Wear or Die: Ugly Prom Dresses


UglypromdressesIt’s Prom Time! Hooray! You’re so excited and you can’t wait to get all dressed up, but wait… when you open your closet, you find a catastrophe has occurred: it’s those pesky Fashion Police again – they’ve cleaned out your closet and left you with just two dresses to choose between, and, unfortunately for you, it’s the two dresses pictured above. You must wear one of them to the prom – or die.

So, which will it be? Will you rock up as a Shiny Cinderella, in layers of blue metallic fabric (and lace!) or will you decide to go to the other extreme, and bare it all in this slutty pink design! The choice, dear readers, is yours!

(To help you along, we’ve written some simple RULES which you can read before making your decision.)

Please check out the other ugly prom dresses on our site.

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