Spring/Summer 2013 Preview: Primark clothing

Primak Spring/Summer 2013


It all started out so promisingly. Well, that little blue and white sundress is adorable, isn’t it? It gave us high hopes for Primark’s spring/summer 2013 clothing collection. Hopes that were destined to be cruelly dashed when we happened upon the image of the dungarees. And the western style denim shirts. And… are those animal print leggings? Do we have enough eyeball bleach in stock for this, do you think?

To be fair, it’s not all bad. There are definitely some cute pieces here, and, being the bastion of fast-fashion that it is, we’re sure there will be lots more: this is, after all, just a tiny sample of the items Primark will be trying to sell you next season.

Will you be buying, though? That’s the question. What’s your answer?

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  • January 8, 2013


    Hey, where can you look at their collection online? I’ve googled them but the site that comes up is really strange.

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