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Prada’s ‘Prosthetic Leg’ Mary Jane boots go straight to Fashion Police jail

By now you’ve probably all seen Prada’s “prosthetic leg” Mary Jane boots. Which is a bit of a shame, really, because they’re the kind of thing that, once seen, cannot be unseen. In fact, these will now be burned into our retinas for all eternity, and not even a healthy dose of eyeball bleach will save us.

Anyway, as these have appeared all over the internet, there’s not much for us to say about them, other than to reassure you all that these have gone straight to Fashion Police jail. They did not pass ‘Go’. They did not collect $200. They most certainly did not collect $1,400, which is what Net-a-Porter are threatening to retail them for. This is one of the most serious cases of Impostor Footwear we’ve ever seen, and we just don’t know how Prada thought they’d get away with it. Perhaps they thought we’d think they were ACTUAL legs?

And yet, fashion victims will still buy these, won’t they? Still, on the bright side, imagine what they’ll look like lying on the bedroom floor after a night of passion!

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