Prada’s ‘fake leg’ boots are now available at

Prada fake leg boots

Remember Prada’s infamous ‘Look! It’s a prosthetic leg!” boots? We arrested the Mary Jane version back in 2011, but it would appear these possibly weren’t the instant sellout the brand were hoping for, and you can still find the odd pair (and we mean that literally: they’re very “odd”, aren’t they?) floating around the internet.

Our officers apprehended this suede version at, where they’re currently selling for an ambitious £506 – although if you don’t wear UK size 4.5 or 5.5 you could be destined for disappointment. (Or a lucky escape, depending on how you look at it.) Designed to create the appearance of a bare leg with a black, ankle-strap pump on the foot, these are Footwear Impostors of the highest order, and will only achieve the desired effect if you happen to have a skin tone that’s an exact match for the leg.

If you do, then these are an easy – if expensive – way to get the ‘bare leg’ look, without  having to actually bare your legs – always a bonus at this time of year. Not being huge fans of the opaque tights everyone’s so crazy about, we can almost see the appeal of something like this, although we still reckon the main appeal would be the practical jokes you’d be able to play by leaving them peeking out from under the sofa, say, or – if you want to be really cruel – underneath a parked car.

What say you, Fashion Force? You may never again get the opportunity to own such an iconic piece of footwear, but has time made you forget how hilarious these were when they were first released, or do you still think £500 is far too much for what looks like a wooden leg? As we say, these are in short supply, so if you want to buy a pair, we don’t recommend taking too long to think about it…


  • December 18, 2014


    I’ve always thought these were perfect only for those who WISH they had cankles. I have them so don’t need these.

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  • December 22, 2014


    Oh dear, they ARE ugly – and with a bit of bad will also rather racist.

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  • December 23, 2014


    OK, so I actually *am* a prosthetic wearer and can I just say, my artificial leg is no where near as ugly looking as those boots. Shame because if I did lose all sense of taste and proportion I guess my artificial leg erm, would be wearing an artificial leg, which appeals on some kind of level.

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  • December 29, 2014


    I kind of love these in a “so bad that it’s almost good” sort of way. They’re the sort of things that are so much of a trainwreck that I genuinely want to believe that they’ll look good “on the right person” because I’m just that genuinely fascinated by them.

    In other words, the type of thing I’d try on in the store (not that there would be any that would fit my shoe size), but only if I could disguise myself so that no one could recognize me.

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