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Prada’s chandelier sandals: the ‘It’ shoes of the season?

These Prada sandals have been hailed as the “must-have” shoes of the summer by more than a few different fashion sites, so it looks like we’re going to have to be the ones to just come out and say it: does anyone else think these look like they’re worth a lot less than the $1,800 they’ll retail for? Like, a LOT less?

It’s that plastic velcro strap. It’s the kind of “cheap shoe” detail that no amount of dangling crystals can make up for, and to us it looks like the straps broke and the wearer had to cobble them together any way she could. It’s just not a look that makes us think, “Yes, I’d be willing to miss a mortgage payment for these!” although thankfully that won’t be an issue for most of us, as it’s rumoured that the US will only get three pairs. Yes, THREE pairs.

Will you be willing to fight over those three pairs of chandelier shoes, readers? Do tell…

Oh, and worry not: if you do love this style, Prada have some similar shoes available to buy now, such as:

These for $980…

These for $790…

Or how about these for ‘just’ $570?

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