Gimme 5: Polka dot print jeans

five pairs of polka dot print jeans

Five pairs of polka dot print jeans, coming up…

Polka dot print jeans have been around for a couple of seasons now (and, of course, polka dots are a print that never really die…) but while last year’s look was all bold, black and white dots, this year the trend has taken a slightly more subtle turn: think faded denim, faded dots, and a smaller, more subtle print. This is mostly being applied to blue jeans rather than coloured ones, although you’ll find polka dots on all kinds of denim, if you look hard enough.

If you’re looking for the kind of dot print jeans described above, however, you don’t have to worry, because we’ve done the looking for you. Here are five pairs of dot print jeans, in this season’s style…

Marc by Marc Jacobs polka dot jeans

Marc by Marc Jacobs standard supply dot print jeans, $198

We’re starting off with the designer version of this look, which also happens to be the most “in your face”. Marc Jacob has gone for large dots on a ripped denim background, and a very faded, lived-in look, which suggests you’ve had these jeans for, OH, YEARS. This is ironic, considering they’ll cost you $198 brand new. We tend to think that the perfect jeans are worth investing in, if you’re lucky enough to find them (And God knows, THAT isn’t easy…), but would you spend that much on what is essentially a “novelty” print?

Gap 1969 geo print legging skimmer jeans

Gap 1969 geo print legging skimmer jeans, $54.99

Gap’s geo print legging skimmer jeans are a lot more afforable, at $54.99, and a lot more subtle, too, although they’re still very clearly polka dot jeans: it would be hard to miss the print on the mid-wash denim. If you’d rather go subtler still, however…

ASOS spot print jeans

ASOS vintage wash skinny jeans with lazer spot print, £35

This ASOS version has a dot that’s barely even noticeable at first glance. In fact, these could just be the jeans you wore to paint the bathroom that one time. That might not be a good look, now we come to think of it…

H&M Jeans with faded dot print

H&M dot print jeans, £29.99

H&M attach their dots to a classic, dark wash denim, with some fading on the thighs. Unlike the other jeans featured, these are ankle-length, so may work for shorter women, too. Finally, at the cheapest end of the market…

Forever 21 dotted skinny jeans

Forever 21 dotted skinny jeans, $24.80

 … It’s good ol’ Forever 21, whose dotted skinny jeans are just $24.80, but are a pretty good take on the trend.

What do you think of polka dot jeans?

Are they a refreshing variation on the classic blue jean, or do you take the point of view that blue jeans weren’t broken, so don’t need to fixed – especially not with a cutesy little print? If you do like them, which pair would you choose?

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