Pointless Footwear: Opening Ceremony fur wedge sandal booties

That’s a whole bunch of oxymorons right there in the title.  Fur sandals?  Sandal booties?  It just doesn’t make sense.  You may also be forgiven for thinking that that’s a small dog you’re looking at.  But no, it’s just another  pointless shoe from Opening Ceremony.  Why you would need faux fur and an open heel and peep toes is beyond us, but there must be a market for it, or it would’t exist – especially not for $525.

Can you think of a reason to wear these readers?  What weather conditions would you need?  Hot for the peep toes or cold for the fur?  If you can think of a suitable time to wear these, please let us know.  And if you want to buy them, they are available at Shopbop.

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