Fashion Police

Pointless Clothing: Costume Dept. sheer mesh cycling shorts

We love the look on the model’s face in the picture above.  She’s clearly thinking “Sheer mesh? Seriously? With a t shirt?”.  How do we know?  Because that’s exactly what we thought when we saw these shorts on the ASOS website.  What we are not sure is exactly what Costume Dept. were thinking when they designed these.  We don’t understand how they are supposed to be worn.  Surely not with a top as short as the one ASOS have put them with here – think of the indecency laws!  But a longer dress would cover them up so really, what is the point of them?

We fear these are also verging on Daylight Robbery – ASOS seem to think that you will pay £48 for them.  Would you though?  If you would and you are a size 12 or under (as that’s the largest size they are available in) you can buy them here.

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