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So, tartan/plaid/check.whatever you want to call it, will be big for winter 2013. Is it just us, or did we write that same line last year, and the year before, and the year before that, just subbing out the year each time? Yup, we’re pretty sure we did, and that’s because, let’s face it, plaid is not a “trend”. It’s a winter perennial, and if we have to read ONE more fashion editorial -seriously, just ONE more – trying to convince us that this is a fresh new look that will be “bang on trend“, we’ll eat our hats.

(These are the hats we’ll eat. Please don’t make us do it, fashion magazines! No more “Mad for Plaid” headlines, we beg you!)

plaid pencil skirts

Plaid pencil skirts

With all of that said, there’s no doubt that plaid is something of a winter classic. It may well come around every year, but that’s because traditional tartan fabric is warm, durable, and comes in a range of autumn/winter appropriate colours. This season we’re seeing the print pop up on just about everything, as usual, but it’s particularly prevalent in the realm of the pencil skirt, with almost every high street store carrying their own variation on the look.

These skirts are great worn with high boots and polo necks for a classic winter look, but the more fashion-forward stores are also pairing them with logo tees and chunky boots for fresher take on the trend-that-isn’t-actually-a-trend:

plaid skirts

MSGM plaid skirt | ASOS midi skirt in tartan check | Topshop check chiffon midi kilt

Plaid full skirts

If you find pencil skirts a little too formal, however – or if they’re just not for you – plaid has also infiltrated the world of the full skirt. We’ve already spoken about how full skirts are “back” for winter 2013 (Our main question there was “where have they been?”, but maybe that’s just us…), and there are plenty of plaid skirts around in this shape. top. This look can be a little harder to wear – the print and shape are both easy enough on their own, but them together and you CAN end up with a bit of a “public schoolgirl” look. If your school uniform happened to include a tartan skirt of some description, you might be understandably wary of adopting the look as a grown woman, and we can’t say we blame you. If that’s the case, these plaid skirts might require a little more careful styling for you to feel totally at ease in them, but as long as you leave the knee socks, satchels and blazers at home, you should be fine.

What do you think of plaid skirts?


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