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Pippa Middleton in “leggings as pants” shocker

Pippa Middleton wears leggings as pants

Pippa Middleton got herself a thorough telling off from some sections of the media this week for allegedly committing a “Leggings As Pants” crime.

Now, at first glance, we had just assumed she was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans/jeggings. It can be hard to tell the difference these days, can’t it? It’s only when you see the rear view that the truth becomes apparent:

Pippa Middleton wears leggings as pantsOf course, Pippa Middleton’s rear view is pretty famous, and regularly seems to be described as “perfect”. In fact, apparently it has driven many a woman to the plastic surgeon, in a bid to get one just like it. Does the “perfect” rear get a free pass when it comes to leggings as jeans, though, or is Pippa just as guilty as anyone else who goes down the slippery slope of replacing pants with … non-pants?

What do you think?

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