Pigtail Miniaudiere by Leiber – a handbag shaped like a pig


So, this is a handbag that’s shaped like a pig. You have always wanted a handbag that’s shaped like a pig, haven’t you? It’s not just any old pig, though – no, this is a $3,600 pig. Well, I’ll be…

I actually hestitated to describe this as a crime of fashion,  purely because, well, I’m a bit of a softie, really, and when I looked at its little face I was all, "aw, lookit the piggie, it’s not a crime, it’s cute." It’s funny how Britney Spears doesn’t inspitre those kind of feelings, isn’t it? Anyway, I suspect it really is a crime of fashion – and an expensive one at that – but I’m going to let you be the judge of that. Would you pay the best part of $4000 to carry a little pig around with you? Well, would you?

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