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Accessories to the Crime | More Piers Atkinson headbands

OK: we know Piers Atkinson has been in Fashion Police custody ever since his last batch of “whimsical” headbands triggered the ‘Daylight Robbery’ alarm, but we really feel THIS needs to be addressed:

pom pom headband

Pom Pom Headband, £350

It’s £350. That;s approximately $571. Five. Hundred. Dollars. For what looks like a kid’s craft project. Piers Atkinson is onto a good thing here, clearly. He is a criminal mastermind, adapt at extracting large amounts of money from people in exchange for… pom poms. On a headband. What adult woman would wear something like this, we wonder? Look, even the model turned her back to the camera:

pom pom headband

Net-a-Porter tactfully say that “this eye-catching piece is sure to lend every look a fun focal point.” Well, no arguments there, but is this the kind of “focal point” your outfits are just crying out for? Do you really want to be known as The Girl in the Pom Pom Headband? Or would you rather be The Girl With The Giant Cherries On Her Head? Because that’s a possibility too:

cherry headband

Actually, we tell you a lie: wearing this one isn’t (currently) a possibility, because it sold out within hours of arriving on the Net-a-Porter website, and it sold out in spite of the fact that it cost £310. And also in spite of the fact that those  cherries are absolutely freaking gigantic. We cannot WAIT to see people walking around with these things balanced on top of their heads, and we can only assume we won’t HAVE to wait, because if it’s sold out, then people must be buying it, right?

Who are these people? Where are they wearing their giant pom poms and cherries? We’d really love to know.

One more thing we’d love to know: some of you liked the last lot of headbands we showed you from this designer, so what about these ones? Do you like these too, and if so, where would you wear them?

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