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Peter Jensen gets death threats over kamik boots


  Despite appearances to the contrary, here at The Fashion Police, we’ve always believed fashion is a lighthearted thing that shouldn’t really be taken too seriously. Sure, we have lots of fun discussing what we consider to be Crimes of Fashion, but we don’t think it’s worth getting seriously upset about, or, indeed, threatening to kill someone over.

So we were just a little bit disturbed, needless to say, when we learnt that fashion designer Peter Jensen has apparently been receiving death threats since he included some floral print kamik boots in his London Fashion Week show this February.

The boots in question were inspired by original Greendlandic boots, and apparently the people of Greenland have taken their appearance in the Jensen show very badly indeed, staging a protest yesterday, and even sending Jensen death threats.

Jensen says: “In paying homage to my aunt Jytte, who was made so welcome by the people of Nuuk in the late Sixties, we hoped to bring the world’s attention to the beauty of the Greenlandic national costume. Here at Peter Jensen we are shocked and outraged that our loving tribute to their kamik boots could be construed as in any way exploitative. We hoped that, as the Japanese with the kimono and the Scots with tartan, the people of Greenland would embrace the attention their heritage has received, in the form of our re-worked kamik boots.

” … The collection and the boots were made out of pure love and meant as a celebration from the trip which we went on in November. That I am now getting death threats is really taking this thing out of proportion.”

He’ll get no argument from us on that one. Leave Peter Jensen alone, folks: they’re just boots, no one needs to die over them, surely?

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