Fashion Police at the People’s Choice Awards 2012

People's Choice Awards 2012

Greetings, Fashion Police Jurors! Are you ready to assess some suspects for us?

These images all come from last night’s People’s Choice Awards, and we warn you right now that some of them may be disturbing. Eyeball bleach at the ready? Good: get ready to tell us whether each of the suspects in the gallery below are Innocent or Guilty of committing crimes of fashion…

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  • January 13, 2012


    Vanessa and Demi are a bit overdressed for the occasion.

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  • January 14, 2012


    Kelly Osbourne has some nerve judging people on “Fashion Police” if she’s gonna wear a dress like this. It’s really bad. Plus she needs to style her hair.

    Demi’s dress seemed a bit trashy and didn’t fit right.

    I like the color of Ginnifer’s dress but not the sleeves.

    Julianne Hough’s dress was cute from the front but from the back it was much too low.

    Jennifer Lawrence’s dress was jaw-droppingly bad. Just so, so bad.

    All these people need better stylists!

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  • January 14, 2012


    is the osbourne girl pretending to be the fairy godmother or something??

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